Backpacker Help: The Four “On A Shoestring” Guides By Lonely Planet

Few Lonely Planet guides are more popular than the “On A Journey” series. While fostering the “Lonely Planet trail” I’ve tried them all and recommend them, even if only as a backup or preparation material. Check for yourself!

The Lonely Planet “On A Shoestring” Travel Guides

South East Asia On A Shoestring

A popular introduction for travelers who want to discover one of the world’s coolest travel destinations. Find it onĀ Amazon.

Europe On A Shoestring

This new edition of the European guide has been compressed and now avoids the country-by-country approach into sections like Balkans, Central Europe, etc. Makes Europe a lot more understandable for first timers. Find it on Amazon.


South America On A Shoestring

This massive guide for a massive continent is a great travel companion. South America is YUGE and you won’t likely visit even a fraction of it no matter how many months on the road. This is why this guide is useful in selection what to see. Find it on Amazon.


Central America On A Shoestring

Central America is a compact region with loads of interesting things to offer. This guide is pretty good in suggesting what to see, and feels relatively compact. Recommended! Find it on Amazon.


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